State Incentives

Below are a listing of some of  incentives offered by the State of West Virginia:

Corporate Headquarters Credit

Companies relocating their corporate headquarters to W. Va. from outside of W. Va. are eligible for tax credits. If 15 new jobs are created, the credit could be up to 100% of many tax liabilities for up to 13 years.

Economic Opportunity Credit

Offsets up to 100% of taxes for up to 13 years. Minimum job requirement is 20.

Manufacturing Investment Credit

Allows up to 60% corporate net income tax and franchise tax credit,  based on investment, with no new job creation required.

Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption

Materials and equipment purchased for direct use in manufacturing are exempt from the 6% state sales and use tax.

Strategic Research & Development Credit

Allows for up to 100% tax offset for R&D projects. R&D expenses are exempt from franchise and income tax.

Warehouse "Freeport" Tax Exemption

Goods in transit to an out-of-state destination are exempt from ad valorem property taxes when warehoused in West Virginia.

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